5 Best Things to Do in Vancouver in 2023

One of the most dynamic cities in Canada is Vancouver. Vancouver has something fascinating to offer to everyone who enjoys the outdoors, adventures, or even good cuisine and culture. We able to read Best Things to Do in Vancouver in 2023, The key is knowing where to look!

I’ve traveled to Vancouver a lot. I check off a few different things from my Vancouver bucket list each time I go there. But this time, I chose to relocate to Vancouver. I adore the place so much that I can now formally identify as a resident.

As a local, it’s my responsibility to assist tourists in discovering Vancouver’s top attractions. In addition to sharing my experiences, I also put each activity to the test, so you don’t have to wing it on your trip.

Best Things to Do in Vancouver in 2023

  1. Bike Stanley Park’s Seawall.

Because it’s the most recognizable activity in Vancouver, this is number one on my list. One of the most well-known parks in Canada is Stanley Park, which is ideally situated in the middle of the city. Stanley Park should definitely be on your itinerary, even if you’re only in Vancouver for one day.

The size of Stanley Park alone is over 4 km / 1.4 mi. The park can be walked around, although it will take a while. This explains why cycling has become so well-liked in Stanley Park. Mainly, cyclists use the designated bicycle lane around the waterfront.

The seawall encircles Stanley Park’s perimeter along the water’s edge. You’ll experience breathtaking scenery the entire way and even have the option to pause at one or more beaches for a swim and break.

Best Things to Do in Vancouver in 2023

Cycling at a reasonable speed on the 12-kilometer (7.5-mile) long cycling path that circles the sea wall in Stanley Park will take you between 1.5 and 2 hours. Near the Stanley Park entrance, you may hire bikes from various bike shops. For a rental lasting an hour and a half, budget about $20 CAD.

  • Walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Another well-known Vancouver pastime is crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Only a 20-minute drive separates the Capilano Suspension Bridge from Vancouver’s downtown. The famed Capilano Suspension Bridge and the treetop hike are also accessible from this location.

The area’s full name is The Capilano Suspension Bridge. You may read informational signs about the region and explore several woodland pathways here. Along with the treetop trek, you’ll also traverse several hanging bridges. Additionally, there is a glass-floor overlook that is both cool and terrifying if you are terrified of heights.

The admission cost for adults is $63 CAD (with taxes), and you need about an hour or so to explore. You don’t have to worry about transportation because they also provide a free shuttle from downtown.

  • Visit Kitsilano

Kits Beach, as we Vancouverites refer to Kitsilano Beach, is, without a doubt, my favorite beach in the city.

Kitsilano, however, is not only a beach. The district is teeming with hip clubs, eateries, and stores. The ideal way to spend an evening in Vancouver is to take a stroll on the beach to watch the sunset and then go out for dinner and drinks afterward.

I advise you to go to the beach for the sunset, especially during the hotter summer months. The beach is crowded with residents enjoying fun, playing games, and drinking. The energy is palpable!

Consider going out for supper or drinks after or before. The Boathouse Restaurant is terrific if you enjoy fish and beautiful views. I’ve spent many sunsets up top at the restaurant, which offers the finest view of the beach, sipping on drinks and eating fish. Prices at the restaurant are fair, especially given where it is located.

  • Go whale Watching

Unquestionably, taking a whale-watching excursion is among the top things to do in Vancouver. You’ll see a variety of whales from the open sea, my favorites being orcas and humpback whales. However, you’ll also have the chance to see other types of wildlife, such as seagulls, seals, and otters, in addition to whales.

With a keen eye out for whales, you’ll sail around the Gulf and the San Juan Islands, admiring the beautiful surroundings. You’ll probably encounter a few with so many around! In fact, the cruise I took offers a guarantee that you’ll see them or you may go again at no cost. We observed a lot of whales on our voyage, including a group of five orcas!

  • Paddle a kayak in False Creek.

A little inlet called False Creek is located in the heart of Vancouver. It divides Olympic Village and Granville Island from neighborhoods like Yaletown and The West End. While visiting Vancouver, you’ll undoubtedly see a lot of False Creek. Still, kayaking is one of the finest activities there is!

Incredible views of Vancouver city, especially the Stadium, can be had from the tranquil waters of False Creek. You may hire a kayak from various locations throughout the city and have a relaxing trip across False Creek.

Seal sightings are typical in False Creek as well! If you’re lucky, they might approach your kayak rather quickly. However, in addition to seals, you’ll be able to see various birds and fish.

I hope now you able to know Best Things to Do in Vancouver in 2023

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